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Customer Reviews

Finally, a place where my small business can fight back against people who refuse to pay their bills! I have gone through so many collection companies and I swear they are more of a headache and scam than the original customer!

Kristen J., Oxnard, CA Financial Services

How Does it Work?

Debt Check offers a new solution to getting money from people who refuse to pay you what they owe. Typically collection agencies resort to phone calls, mail and e-mail to influence debtors to pay their bills. There is only one problem with this; it usually doesn’t work! Our company utilizes these methods but we do something very different.

Search Engine Optimization

If you submit a debt to, we’ll ask you for specific information on the person or company that owe you money. All of this information will be organized in a way that when submitted will eventually show up high in the search results for the person/company in question. In this day in age, most people are very concerned with their online reputation and will want to get this removed. The only way they can get this removed is to PAY THE DEBT!

Post information about monies owed to you in minutes, 100% FREE. The Debtor is notified via email. If that isn't enough, sit back and watch the page climb to the top of the search results for the name of the person or company. This is usually when people will decide their online reputation is more important than the money they owe you and they reach out to Debt Check to mediate the dispute. In the end, you get the money you are owed!

Who Can Use Debtcheck


Professional Business People

Franchises and Franchisees

Landlords & Property Management Companies

Medical Service Providers

Professional Finance Companies

Distributors Retailers / Manufacturers

Billing Companies

Schools & Religious Groups

Lawn Care Services

Homeowner Associations

Internet Service Providers

Fraternities & Sororities

…and many, many more

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Debt Check is a database of debts owed by both individuals and businesses. Anyone can add a debt to the database and make it public knowledge. A quick search of Debt Check will let you know whether or not the person has any outstanding debts and ultimately help you decide whether or not you should do business with them.