About us

Debt Check was started by a entrepreneur and small business owner who became increasingly frustrated with a specific problem of business. Whenever a customer would refuse to pay a bill, stop payment on a check, have insufficient funds or anything along those lines; the business was left with little recourse in ever collecting from those clients. The only 2 viable options are usually filing a lawsuit and/or putting that person into collections. Most business owners out there know that both of these options can often be just as stressful as dealing with the person that owes you money.

Collection Companies. Other than reporting people to credit bureaus, collection companies don’t do much more than what you already have done to try to collect; call and email in an attempt to get payment. In the event they do collect they often take a large percentage of the original bill. Unless the amount owed is very large, don’t expect collections companies to do much for you. On top of that, there are many shady Collection Companies out there. We have received plenty of feedback from people hiring collection companies, they send their invoices, hear back from those clients and the collection company doesn’t pay. Can you believe that? Now you have to try and collect from the company you hired to collect!

Lawsuits bring their own set of problems. If you file a lawsuit you automatically have some costs to front unless you find a lawyer to take it on contingency which is not very likely if the amount owed is small. The lawyer will take their share in one way or another, either through fees as you go or a percentage of the total collected. Most areas charge $200 or so to file a small claims lawsuit. If you have someone who isn’t paying a bill, there is a good chance they won’t show up to court. So even if you get a judgement in your favor, now you have to collect on that!

Debt Check originally planned on being a Collections Agency with the same idea of being a public forum for people to post debts. During our research we discovered Collections Companies are NOT allowed to post debts publicly! This makes perfect sense why we are the FIRST to do it. Debt Check did not want to abandon the original idea of offering businesses and people a place to inform others of those that do not pay their bills so we decided to become a Debt Mediation Company. There are plenty of places for people to write about their experiences with businesses, Debt Check is a place where you can go to see if you should deal with an Individual!