Debt Complaint Review : David Morgan - Maverick Yacht 138' ft

Submitted: February 11th, 2019
Reported By: WMF Restoration

Debt Amount $3737.50
Name of Company or Individual
David Morgan - Maverick Yacht 138' ft
Aditional names (AKA's)
TMIG Inc - Investment Yachts Limited
Street Address
3535 Roswell Rd, Suite 21
State / Province
Zip Code
United States
E-mail address
Debt Report

David Morgan of Investment Yachts Limited and TMIG Sales was provided mold remediation Services for 138 ft Maverick Yacht. Client was given a significant discount and serviced next day in order for him to avoid paying dock fees at Bahia Mar. Our company followed through with our services exactly as we said we would.

Against our advice as a mold remediation expert, David’s crew asked that we remove air scrubbers (HEPA filtration) from the boat after 1 day of running. We never agreed that there would be a price decrease due to removing this.

After we completed the job, David went from needing things done ASAP to going completely Missing in Action when trying to collect the remaining balance. He would not respond to text messages and phone calls and it was not until calling from a disguised phone number that he answered the phone. His excuse for not paying is that he had to verify the job was complete with his captain and he had not spoken to him yet.

I then called the captain and he informed me that he had already answered David’s questions. After this conversation I called David back and when confronted with his blatant lie, he became upset with me for talking to the captain and used it as another excuse to delay payment.

David was never on site and is making false claims that we did not perform work as promised. This man is a liar and a cheat, do not do business with him and definitely do NOT charter this yacht. He was more concerned with getting things done fast rather than properly and testing afterwards to make sure any passengers are safe. This boat has still not been tested to ensure the safety of his passengers and there is a good chance that the crews reckless decision to cut the job short may very well have prevented the mold problem from being eradicated completely.



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