Debt Complaint Review : Grant Cannon

Submitted: October 23rd, 2018
Reported By: Impressive Lawn Care

Debt Amount $620
Name of Company or Individual
Grant Cannon
Aditional names (AKA's)
Web Address
Street Address
1625 Keswick Rd.
State / Province
Zip Code
United States
E-mail address
Debt Report

This customer gave us permission and consent to do lawn maintenance for him. He has been a customer of our company for years and we have built a good business relationship with him. It is almost to the end of October and we have been trying to get him to remit payment since May of this year. We know he is fully aware of his debt because we finally got a hold of him on August 27th and we informed him about it and asked for payment. He said he would call back and give a credit card over the phone. We never heard back from him. Since then we have made multiple attempts to get a hold of him. We take care of some other homes in his neighborhood and we noticed he hired a different lawn care company and still hadn’t answered our phone calls, letters, texts, etc. In fact, we have made multiple phone calls, texts, voicemails, and letters since May.


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