Debt Complaint Review : Meredith Wiener

Submitted: July 31st, 2018
Reported By: WMF Restoration

Debt Amount $6297.44
Name of Company or Individual
Meredith Wiener
Aditional names (AKA's)
Meredith Joy Wiener
Web Address
Street Address
65 NW 98th Terrace
State / Province
Zip Code
United States
E-mail address
Debt Report

Our restoration company performed $8497.44 worth of restoration work and had an assignment of benefits signed on her entire water damage claim. We were set to perform the rebuild as well but Ms. Meredith Wiener of Plantation Florida breached her contract with us. Even though she was told she can not sign another AOB since ours preceded any other company that she would choose to hire, she went ahead and did it anyways and cut off communication with us.

Ms. Meredith Wiener was very happy with our work and turned out to be a nightmare client. She is refusing to pay her bills because she has received bad advice from the secondary people she hired. Do not work with Meredith Wiener, you will regret it!


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